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Tips On Successfully Fostering A Teenager

Tips On Successfully Fostering A Teenager

Taking care of teenagers is no easy task; especially if you’ve never done it before, or if they are not your children. But sometimes, this is not a responsibility which we can shy away from. If you are facing a situation where you have to temporarily foster a teenager here, and are feeling a little overwhelmed, then the below advice and suggestion from our experts are just for you…!

Be connected with your social worker and service – This is vital not only to help the child, but also to make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed by the task.

Take care of yourself – it’s not possible to look after children, unless you take good care of yourself too. Be sure you’re paying attention to your body and mind. If you feel, at any point that you are reaching a breaking point, even if it’s because of the behavior of your foster child, then take a break. Make use of respite care—the children too can benefit from a brief change of place.

Take one day at a time – this is great advice; especially if you don’t know how long you will be fostering the teenagers. Work on problems in a daily basis, rather than having long term plans.

Make sure they have the basics – often children have to leave their homes in a rush, and don’t pack properly. This means they might be even lacking the basic things. Make sure your teenager has these things. As they might not be willing to ask for them, you might have to be a little observant and figure this out yourself.

Be prepared to listen – this is one of the primary requirement from foster parents in Victoria. As teenagers count themselves as adults, you cannot “take care” of them. Open the communication line with them. Let them know you are willing to listen to anything they want to say; be it their problems or their frustrations.

Be prepared for the mental as well as the physical complications – if your teenager was abused in his home, chances are that he may need help mentally as well as physically. This will be taxing for both of you, but it needs to be dealt with. Be gentle with him, but insist that it has to be done. Having a good connection and communication with him will help here.

Get down to their age – while it’s expected that you behave like the adult, it’s alright if you get down to their age once in a while too. Have fun with them.

Try not to introduce too many new things – as this may be a temporary arrangement, it makes sense not to introduce them to too many new things. It’s also vital that you don’t force them to do things your way. Gently insist on things; trust us, this always works better with teenagers.

All About Alzheimer’s!

All About Alzheimer’s!

When we talk about Alzheimer’s we usually refer to a disease that is a neural debilitating disease. Those who suffer from the disease usually do not cure from it and succumb to its effects finally. It usually provides a life expectancy of seven to ten years from the time one is afflicted with the condition. The sufferers usually face memory loss where they are unable to remember much or are unable to recognize their family members and loved ones. They might not be able to use the toilet by themselves or speak coherently and conduct movement in a coordinated manner.

A debilitating disease

Alzheimer’s is a disease that might not be the direct cause of one’s death, but the impairment of one’s ability to take care of themselves makes them more prone to sufferings. That can lead to their death in the long run. One might start off with forgetfulness which worsens with age. Over time their mental faculties get destroyed and they need aged care advice. 

Demographic details of the disease

The disease usually afflicts people from the age group of 65 to 85 and about one third of the elderly population fall prey to this disease. As one gets older the disease and its incidence percentage is more. Those who are beyond the age of 85 usually do not get afflicted as most get afflicted before that age range is reached. Those who are seeking aged care advice will benefit from this kind of information to find the signs of the disease in their loved ones at an early stage.

When it was diagnosed

Older people suffer from different senile conditions and hence this condition as a separate ailment was not recognized since the early part of the twentieth century. The emergence of this condition could be due to genetic conditions and certain factors like inadequate levels of exercise. It is essential that older people stay mentally and physically active to avoid the trappings of this condition. This condition is common among many older people and till date, no cure has been found for it.

Getting the right assistance

There might be nothing much to do when one has a loved one affected by this condition but to decide to get the right level of attention and care that they need. The condition can be arrested by ensuring that the mental and physical exercises are carried on daily and all kinds of assistance are provided to the afflicted person. Nowadays there are many clinics and elderly care institutions where one can get volunteers to come and help a person or to get the person admitted at an institution where care will be provided to them round the clock. Browse this page if you are searching for a right aged care agency.